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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go It Alone When Selecting Software

March 16, 2021

Software is complex, and the options are overwhelming. Your business might be growing and you’re trying to get a handle on new procedures or a flood of new data. Perhaps there are ways to automate processes. Quite likely there are software-specific vendors trying to sell you on the benefits of their product, but is it the best solution for your needs?

Whatever your situation, there are multiple reasons why selecting software systems on your own might not be the best route forward.

1. Understanding the full scope of your technology can be complicated.

Adding software without a strategic approach can create silos of critical business information, making it difficult to see the big picture and how your company is performing overall. You may know your specific pain point, such as sales, and in that case, you may be looking at a CRM. However, the solution you choose should interact with other areas of your business, such as your accounting systems. What does your CRM look like if you want to tie it in with your ERP system? Do you fully understand the scope of the software you are choosing? How will it factor into the growth of your business? Make sure you find the solution that fits your requirements instead of fitting the solution to your business.

2. A mistake can be costly.

Implementing new software can be expensive, from the product itself to investing time and energy into training and getting buy-in from your staff. Starting over and repeating these steps if the software doesn’t work is overwhelming: from the hard cost to the tax it takes on employees and morale.

The size of your business or the industry you are in doesn't matter when it comes to making sure a solution is right for your organization.  Whether it is a new electronic health records management system for a healthcare company, club management software for a health and fitness club, or an ecommerce platform for a manufacturer looking to sell direct to consumer, the solution has to meet your requirements. You need to be intentional with regard to the selection process.

We often say there’s nothing more expensive than implementing the wrong solution. It’s crucial to do the research and proper vetting in order to get this process right on the first try.

3. You might not be addressing the right problem. 

The problem you might be experiencing may be a symptom and not the root cause. If you solve the symptom, you’re not actually solving the problem. It may be that what is believed to be a software system problem could be a combination of software and process.  By addressing it holistically, it is possible to get the right solution that can also help improve process efficiency.

Selecting software takes a lot time, energy, and effort, so it’s important to fully think through how a software solution benefits your business and integrates with your systems. MarksNelson can help you identify and prioritize software solutions for your business through a structured selection process. And, as an independent technology provider, we work to find the best solutions for your needs. Reach out to us today to see how our technology team can help you succeed.


For more than 25 years Scott Woodward has served as a technology consultant to businesses of all sizes. He successfully helps organizations identify and implement solutions to support operational efficiencies and scale for growth, as well as map and improve customer experience. He leads teams... >>> READ MORE

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