Realize Your

Tax Credits and Incentives to Reduce the Cost of Moving Your Business Forward

Your future building, equipment or employees could benefit your bottom line. Many states and localities have a wide variety of tax credits and incentives available. Adding incentive planning before making a capital investment will help you maximize savings for your business.

Is your business:

  • Planning to expand or upgrade your current facility, or add a new location in the future?
  • Considering relocating your operations?
  • Adding capital expenditures connected to job creation?
  • Implementing a new training program?

If this is the case, your business might qualify for:

  • Property Tax Abatement
  • State Income Tax Credits
  • Sales Tax Exemption
  • Payroll Tax Withholding Refunds
  • Training Credits

Our professionals at MarksNelson not only know how to work with the jurisdictions to access the opportunity and negotiate the maximum benefit but will guide you through the arduous application and compliance reporting process.

The Smart Approach to Incentives

Opportunity Assessment

Outline the opportunity as it relates to your business goal and develop a strategic approach to maximize the credits and incentives available for your business.


The key to maximizing your credit & incentive program is performing thorough research to understand the rules and sell the benefits of the project before entering into negotiations. A win-win approach increases the success of your program.


Completion, and approval of applications to verify eligibility and gain final approval.

Compliance Reporting

Realize all incentives earned by complying with the filing requirements. Many organizations fail to receive the full benefit due to inadequate compliance procedures.