Make your mark at MarksNelson.

Life is so much better when work is fulfilling. It’s better when you get all the tools, independence, and support you need. When work-life balance means something. When you’re part of a locally based firm with far-reaching results. Here are some reasons why life is better at MarksNelson:

  • We’re the right size. Looking for a place that’s big enough for opportunity to grow but small enough for everyone to know your name? A position at MarksNelson comes complete with an appreciation for your skills and colleagues who are interested in getting to know you.
  • You make an impact. You deserve work that is challenging and gives you a sense of accomplishment– and makes life better in the process. In addition to making a positive impact on our clients and their futures, we provide opportunities to make a difference in the community.

  • Start out right. If you’re just beginning your career, where you choose to do it matters. Our manager-to-associate ratio provides the perfect opportunity to dive deeper and grow with the help of a mentor. 
  • Great relationships. Experienced professionals deserve exposure to opportunities for growth. Our partner-to-manager ratio allows for daily interaction with the leadership team and expanding possibilities.
  • Build on success. We’re proud of our 50+ years of service to Kansas City. We are the largest locally owned accounting firm in Kansas City and we’re continually evolving to help clients take on the demands of a changing marketplace. There’s excitement when you accomplish something that makes life better– both for our clients and for yourself.

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