Realize Your

Make better tactical decisions, faster. 

When you know what drives your business, you can focus on things that matter. You don’t have to waste time collecting information. You’re agile. You’re able to make better decisions. You know where you stand. 

Think of a business problem that you want to solve. Our process converts raw data into the insights needed to answer key questions, such as: how to optimize profitability, evaluate staffing model challenges, identify which customers or products are the most profitable, or understand what top salespeople are doing so those successes can be replicated across teams.

MN Navigator is a subscription-based data analysis and analytics service. It’s structured for businesses of all sizes. Smaller companies can enter at the lower levels and grow over time. Choose the solution level that works for you:

Bronze: (Annual) Perfect for small organizations without significant changes over time. The dashboard summary displays important company financial metrics at-a-glance. MN Navigator Example

Silver: (Quarterly) Benefits of Bronze plus industry comparisons in a visual format, making it easy to identify patterns and possibilities. Includes a quarterly meeting with the MarksNelson team.

Gold: (Quarterly) Benefits of Silver plus review and analysis of data using modern business intelligence. Competitor analysis, top customer evaluation, sales insights, patterns and trends are integrated into a powerful visual tool

Platinum: (Variable) The most sophisticated level of business intelligence includes all the benefits of Gold plus integrated sales, operations, and financial information. Our in-depth, real-time analysis is completely personalized and at your fingertips. You’ll receive real-time reporting, custom outputs, and supply chain analysis you can trust. 

MN Navigator Breakdown

No matter which level you choose, you’ll get the data you need to support better business decisions. Finally, business intelligence and analytics can help you navigate your next move with confidence. 

If you’re curious how data can help you make better business decisions, please contact us for a confidential discussion. MarksNelson thrives on helping companies get results.