We See Your
Big Picture

A solid, long-term outlook.

MarksNelson Location Strategies is more than just site selection; it’s a comprehensive plan to move you forward. We get to know your business and gain a deep understanding of what drives it. Our experience navigating complex programs and processes in a timely manner keeps you agile and well-positioned throughout the process of choosing the right location.

Location impacts every level of business. Let our team help maximize opportunities to reduce site development costs, labor training costs, and operational expenses. MarksNelson Location Services equips you to make the best possible decision for your facility investment. We can assist you from start to finish in identifying and evaluating key markets for facilities.

You can also check out our site selection tool to begin to gain an understanding of everything that should be considered in your location decision, along with some common "fatal flaws" you'll want to avoid. 

Location Strategy Development

  • Scenario planning
  • Strategy model creation
  • Preliminary market identification

Location Evaluation

  • Market review and analysis
  • Market impacts on key location decision drivers
  • Location screening and evaluation
  • Community and site visits
  • Comparative modeling
  • Incentive modeling and evaluation
  • Quantitative and qualitative labor market evaluation

Location Selection

  • Establishing and maintaining project communication protocols
  • Guidance on selection of finalist locations
  • Review due diligence on selected sites
  • Public meeting representation
  • Incentive negotiation and compliance
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Announcement support

Whether you are considering a new location or evaluating your current one, the MarksNelson Location Strategies team offers guidance for every aspect of the process. We combine the power of data with a breadth of expertise to help you gain insight on incentives, financial models, tax benefits, logistics, and labor considerations. We provide a customized level of service, from initial planning strategies through project implementation and beyond. We don't just help you choose a great location — we help you make a great decision.