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Kansas Payroll Tax Withholding Refunds

Promoting Employment Across Kansas (PEAK)

The PEAK program is a discretionary program intended to encourage economic development in Kansas by incenting companies to relocate or expand business operations and jobs in Kansas. During the benefit term, participating PEAK companies may receive 95% of the Kansas withholding tax of PEAK eligible employees that are paid at or above the county median wage where the PEAK business facility is located. Depending on the number of jobs to be hired over a five-year period and their wage levels, a benefit of up to 10 years can be approved.

Eligibility requirements:

PEAK requires the qualified company to commit to creating five new jobs in non-metropolitan counties or ten new jobs in the metropolitan counties of Shawnee, Douglas, Wyandotte, Johnson, Leavenworth, and Sedgwick within a two-year period. The qualified company must also pay wages that when aggregated, meet or exceed the county median wage.