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Laura McIntosh Talks Recruiting With Accounting Today

April 8, 2021

MarksNelson’s Director of Human Resources, Laura McIntosh was recently featured in Accounting Today in an article discussing the ways in which the Firm turned newfound recruiting challenges into opportunities in the midst of the pandemic and how recruiting and onboarding practices will shift in the future.

During the interview with Danielle Lee, Managing Editor, Laura talked about the need to quickly pivot traditional college recruiting efforts when things suddenly went virtual and in-person college visits and meetings were no longer possible. The two also discussed how remote work has enabled the firm to expand its geographic purview to reach senior-level talent. “It opened our eyes to casting a broader net,” McIntosh shared. “We are considering talent we had not before, because they couldn’t relocate to our corporate offices, or couldn’t commute.” Finally, they discussed the lasting effects of the pandemic on recruiting and the practices that will remain.

The full article is available at Accounting Today.

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