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Digital and Application Innovation


  • Application Development: We provide full-service application implementation services including architecture, user experience, development, and ongoing maintenance and support. We take a DevSecOps approach to developing and managing applications to ensure flexibility in delivering meaningful functionality, while maintaining security and resiliency.  These services can apply to new application development and modernizing a legacy application that struggles to meet the demands of your modern business. 
  • E-commerce: Supporting online transactions can take many forms.  From configuring and managing an off-the-shelf cloud-based ecommerce platform to deploying a more tailored solution to meet business-specific needs, we can help you build or upgrade an online presence that supports online payments and ties in with either new or existing fulfillment methods.
  • Integrations: With the proliferation of systems (and their corresponding data), companies end up having to enter data two, three, or more times to effectively capture the information in all the systems that need it.  We can work with you to integrate the systems in use to enable an enter once-use approach to capturing and maintaining critical data.
  • Low-code/no-code solutions: There are many solutions today that allow business users the ability to build their solutions using low- or no-code features. We can assist with standing up and training your business users to deliver a more self-service experience to solving common business problems.

Whether you're struggling to identify your business needs, facing challenges with manual work, or feeling overwhelmed by information, MarksNelson Advisory is here to help.

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