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What is IIoT and How Will it Help my Business?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) can help you securely capture data through sensors and machine-to-machine communication to increase quality in production.

IIoT is transforming the industry, and MarksNelson Smart Technology can help you with supply chain trace-ability and overall supply chain efficiency. Whether you are a manufacturer, railroad, meat processor, farm drone, wind turbine or an HVAC company, and beyond, we can help you unlock the advantages of IIoT to gain insights into real-time operations; increased up-time; reduced repair costs; and even new lines of revenue.

Today, anything that can be connected will be connected.

Data-sharing technologies have transformed industry after industry, and these connections present new opportunities for your business. This disruptive technology requires new infrastructure, including hardware and software applications, as well as an operating system to handle it; enterprises will need to deal with the influx of data that starts flowing in and analyze it near real-time to see productive results.

The biggest concern for businesses is finding the time, staff and resources to accomplish these objectives. We have the experience in IIoT so that you don’t have to.

We're able to utilize IIoT capabilities to improve connectivity, efficiency, productivity, time savings, and cost savings for your organization; and we can help you identify opportunities for your business and capture benefits that make your business progressive and competitive.

What are some real examples of IIoT?

Predictive Maintenance - IIoT allows companies to predict, not just react. The reactionary model looks something like this: A machine breaks > Company sends a technician in to fix it

Machine is out of service and off the floor until repairs > Company loses dollars and efficiencies.

What if you could put sensors in that machine and those sensors could send valuable performance data to a software application? You’d be able to stop focusing on damage control after it fails and predict when it will fail. You now have the opportunity to fix small problems before they become big ones.

Real-time Analytics and Performance Measurement - Products equipped with sensors and computer chips are now able to obtain and process data, and businesses can gather real-time customer usage patterns and product performance.

Start taking advantage by using these data-based insights to capture and analyze productivity metrics, track equipment performance, improve operational efficiency, predict downtime and keep customers better informed. Because if you’re not, you can trust that your competition is.