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Your ERP is Sending Out an SOS: Here’s Help

October 6, 2022

There are certain things that are better done alone. Meditating. Reading.

And then there’s setting up your business’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This you should not do alone.

An ERP system is software that helps you keep track of your business resources – accounting, inventory, payroll, production capacity, etc. For manufacturing and distribution businesses, many of which are shuttling raw materials through complex supply chains and logging each step for compliance’s sake, a well-equipped ERP is crucial. The right system can help you target inefficiencies and eliminate them, boosting productivity and making your company more successful in the short and long terms.

Maybe you’re growing out of your old system and looking to level up. Or maybe you know the system you have just isn’t working as well as it should be. Or maybe you’re starting from scratch and you don’t know what you want. Whatever the problem, you don’t want to fall into the normal traps that many companies do when shopping around. Here are a couple.

Too Many Options

The sheer range of platforms available can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different software packages out there, created by dozens of different companies, and each of these systems can be customized with modules depending on the needs of your business. Chances are, there’s no one at your company with the time to dig into dozens of software demos and weed out the features you do or don’t need.

Our experts at MarksNelson know how to start the conversation. In an initial meeting, we’ll get to know your company, understand your problems, and determine what the right system is to get the job done.

Costly Wrong Decisions

Maybe you’ve already started this process, talked about it with a vendor or another third party, and got the ball rolling on adopting your new system. But then things slow down, change orders start piling up, and the project that was supposed to take a few months is a year and hundreds of thousands of dollars over budget.

We’ve seen it happen. And we can offer a sanity check. Our team is happy to review your situation and make sure that what you’re paying for is realistic and appropriate for what your business needs.

The bottom line is this: A good ERP system can be a game-changer for your company. You want to make sure you have the right one and that it’s working for you. Thankfully, we have a team of expert professionals at MarksNelson that are here to help you every step of the way. Call us today.


Mike is an experienced business development professional and software architect involved in the design, implementation and deployment of critical business applications. He has been working in the software industry for over 25 years with significant experience in CRM, ERP, custom application development, and systems integration.... >>> READ MORE

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